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Waste Water Treatment

Raw Water Clarification

AET-RP experts know that when it comes to raw water treatment, customization is key. Our cost-effective raw water treatment solutions are designed with our customers’ resources and needs in mind, helping them protect their systems and the environment.We are expert in using a full range of source waters including lake, river, well, city and secondary or tertiary effluent reuse.

Raw water must be treated, or clarified prior to being used as makeup water in most utility processes. Clarification removes suspended and dissolved solids, bacteria, and other forms of impurities help prevent system scale, corrosion, and fouling.

Clear water is further treated in the second stage. A dual media filter is provided for further reduction of suspended matter to a level of less than 5 ppm. This filter works in pressurised conditions. A clear water pump is provided at the inlet of the filter to feed clarified water.

AET-RP provides both custom built and standardized systems to raw water clarification.

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