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The world is in need of freshwater- 97% of the water on earth is salted with an average salinity of 3.5.% which is way too high for drinking, industry or agriculture. With years of experience, technologies and knowledge in desalination, AET-RP Water Technologies supports municipalities and industries around the Philippines in the implementation of their seawater desalination strategies.

Our all-encompassing range of water treatment solutions and seawater desalination technologies are dedicated optimize the management of the water resources. Combined with local presence and a worldwide network of experts, AET-RP ensure our clients the best possible solutions to supply high quality water, manage brine concentrates, produce or recover energy, extract raw materials and capitalize on by-products.

AET-RP build seawater or brackish water desalination plants of all sizes, using four types of solutions:

  • Multi-Stage Flash Distillation (MSF),
  • Multiple Effect Distillation (MED),
  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination (RO) and,
  • Hybrid Desalination which couples MED and RO

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